Eddie Slinin Leading the Way in Ground Transportation

Eddie Slinin has expanded his company, Corporate Transportation Group, into a leader in the ground transportation industry. In the last thirty years since its inception, the company has grown from a one-person, one-car venture into a giant in the industry, with over 1400 vehicles and clients across the globe.

Corporate Transportation Group provides exceptional services to large corporations as well as private customers with the best fleet of luxury sedans, as well as a wide variety of vehicles to handle all the needs a client may have. The affiliated vehicles are owned and operated by the individual drivers, creating a business model that instills ownership and autonomy, which are key to superior customer service and satisfaction.

Eddie Slinin, like so many savvy businessmen, knows the importance of first impressions and the appearance of professionalism. That is why the company insists that all of the independent contractors follow the guidelines for proper attire as well as necessary training and experience of all drivers. Additionally, all vehicles are hand-picked for top-notch quality, offering the best in convenience, comfort and luxury for all customers, whether for business or personal travel needs.

In order to provide the very best services and stay ahead of the competition, Eddie Slinin is shrewd about employing the right kind and amount of technology for his business enterprise. All of the vehicles are computer dispatched 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with the aid of Blackberry technology. Vehicles are also equipped with GPS systems, and other modern amenities. Clients enjoy one consolidated provider with the benefit of a wide range of vehicles and services across the tri-state area and beyond.

Mr. Slinin’s business model and strategy is an innovative one that combines hard-working entrepreneurs and cutting-edge technology. High profile clients and individuals looking for a comfortable and reliable mode of transportation all benefit from a business that is focused on the needs and wellbeing of those they serve.

People have been using escorted car services going back to the days of the wagon. The rich history may suggest that these services will always be something that is desired and sought, But ground transportation services must keep up with the current times, trends, and the competition. If a company is not willing to evolve with the changing times, it will likely fail. Customers want the best there is as far as who is driving them and what type of vehicle they are driving in. Those in the industry, like Eddie Slinin, understand the business of ground transportation, what clients need and want, and how to keep up with the demand.

In keeping with this recognition, Corporate Transportation Group stays on top of the best technologies for their vehicles and services being provided. The company and its founder is dedicated to continuing to pave the way with innovative technologies, superior services, and the best quality vehicles available.

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