Ed Slinin: Fundamental Tips for Succeeding in Business


Everyone knows that the current economy is tough. Whether you are a seasoned business owner or someone just starting out, it is very difficult to make a business successful without some help and guidance. Luckily, there are plenty of successful businesses out there that can offer you advice so you can succeed at business with some easy to follow tips. ... Read More »

Eduard Slinin: Mayor Bloomberg and Nissan’s Overstep


Fair and open competition is what America was built upon.  It ensures that everyone who has an idea, drive, and determination has an equal crack at succeeding in business, and in their private lives.  But that level of even handed competition isn’t always available.  Sometimes, due to corporate or governmental overreaching, the playing field is narrowed, and the process of ... Read More »

Limousines Are the Popular Travel Choice for Everybody


Whenever you see a limousine on the road, chances are that you assume there is a party or big event going on. There has long been a stigma that limos are only for special occasions or for the rich and famous. This is no longer true, however. Limousine rentals are a convenient mode for everyday travel, and more and more ... Read More »

Eduard Slinin: Better Employees, Better Business

In business, it is a common concept that the customer or client is always right. After all, no business would be successful without customers. Referrals and repeat business are huge factors when it comes to a company’s success. But successful businesses also need to think about their employees. When it comes to the transportation industry, there are countless news stories ... Read More »

Edward Slinin: Growth of a Successful Company

The current economy is causing many businesses to go under. Small business and even large corporations are losing money and being forced to close their doors for good. Some companies, however, are thriving. What are the secrets of these successful companies? One such company is Corporate Transportation Group. Edward Slinin is the founder and president of this company. His story ... Read More »

Driving A Limousine: A Primer By Eduard Slinin

Being a professional driver can be profitable and rewarding.  It is an interesting line of work to say the least; meeting new and interesting people, not having to work in an office, and going to places in your own city that you may not have even known were there.  Corporate Transportation Group NYC has been providing limo services for over ... Read More »

Ed Slinin: Take Inspiration from a True Underdog Story

Enjoying a story is the most popular way to pass the time. Whether you are reading a book, watching a movie, or playing a videogame, you are more than likely immersed in some sort of narrative. And of all the possible plots in the world, the one that speaks to us most clearly is one involving an underdog. Underdog stories ... Read More »

Ed Slinin: Summer Vacation Spots that You Cannot Miss

Many people choose to take vacations during the summer. The warm weather makes it the ideal time to head to a new part of the country for an exploratory trip. Some people like to spend their vacations lounging and relaxing with no set plans. Others like to have a goal in mind and want to visit specific things. No matter ... Read More »

Eduard Slinin: The Hiring Process

In order to succeed in the limousine service industry, a company must hire the very best chauffeurs to transport clients. The performance of chauffeurs is critical in the limo business; they must be professional, courteous, and well trained. Eduard Slinin is the owner of Corporate Transportation Group, a limousine service based in New York City. He understands the importance of ... Read More »

Edward Slinin: Coming to America

Is America still the land of opportunity? Why do people immigrate to this land? People come to the United States for a myriad of reasons. Despite our current economic problems, people around the world still see America as the land of opportunity where dreams become reality with a little effort and perseverance, where success and prosperity can be obtained through ... Read More »